embedded trend – company profile

The company embedded trend GmbH & Co. KG (et) has been founded by experienced engineers in September 2017. The company’s goal is the development and marketing of software for artificial intelligence (AI), specifically designed for deeply embedded systems. The field of AI is developing rapidly and in the last few years impressive research results have been published. But the bulk of the available implementations have focused on high end systems, with lots of computing power. et targets on deeply embedded devices with limited processing capabilities and limited memory. These systems are typically based on Cortex M, Renesas RX, DSPs, and similar MCUs. et’s software modules allow these restricted devices the use of deeply neural networks (DNNs) without backend connections. This enables the development of intelligent sensors and other compact devices using AI and opening completely new market segments.

management team

Wolfgang Erhart
Co-Founder and COO
Wolfgang Erhart has a business management and controlling background and and a 30 years experience in SW sales for key accounts management. He is co-founder of the Express Logic GmbH and also co-founder of embedded trend GmbH & Co.KG, offering SW products for machine learning and AI.
Andres Mlinar
Co-Founder and CTO
Andrés Mlinar has more than 15 years of experience in embedded software, specializing in the areas of development tools, RTOS, middle-ware, drivers and system software. In the last few years he has moved his focus to the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence.
Udo Nülle
Co-Founder and CFO
Udo Nülle started his career in hard and software development of embedded systems. He then founded the Accelerated Technology GmbH, to market the Nucleus RTOS and later co-founded Express Logic GmbH to market the ThreadX RTOS. After more than 40 years of experience in the embedded industry he became co-founder of the embedded trend GmbH & Co. K